I have a blog!

So, I was finally convinced that I should start a blog since not everybody is on Twitter. This way, people don’t have to sign up for a completely new service in order to talk to me. Yay for being more accessible.

Quite honestly, I’m still getting a feel for the whole blogging thing. I seriously haven’t done this in ages and I don’t know exactly what I’m going to talk about. Mostly because I’m writing. A lot. Because you people are insatiable in the very best ways.

I guess I’ll start off by reminding people that I currently have 2 books available at Amazon:

Kim’s Passion and Dancing With Strangers

Kims Passion CoverDancingCover


I have a couple of short stories out on submission right now but I’m also working on 2 (that’s right, 2) novellas right at this very minute. So, coming soon, we have The Captain’s Captive and Love, Summer. The first is a Steampunk Erotic Romance with an MMF love triangle that takes place mostly on board a pirate’s airship. The second is a summer romance that takes place at an amusement park before the main character goes off to college. I honestly don’t think I could have come up with 2 more wildly different topics if I’d tried.

Would you like a preview of some of the cover art? I knew you would! So, for your viewing pleasure, here is Love, Summer:

love summer3

I hope everybody enjoys the pictures while I work to finish the story.

Happy reading!

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