I ended up spending the day doing “research” for the summer romance book. And by mainboulevardresearch, I pretty much mean I spent the day hanging out at the amusement park. It’s always so weird to go there these days. Some of the best summers of my life were spent working there and I loved it and the people I worked with so much.

No, this next story isn’t autobiographical, though I have used some of the fun things I remember about working there to give it some nice background. There are just some times in our lives that we really enjoy and this was one of them for me. Would I work there again? Heck, no! Well, if I could go back to being 18 again, maybe.

rollercoaster3This is a story about roller coasters and gift shops and finding yourself as you become an adult. It’s also about the love you can have for people and places that are only in your life for a very short amount of time. You know you can’t have them forever but you love them with everything you have for the time that you have them. They become a happy memory that you look back on and smile, sigh a bit wistfully and move on with your day. Which is for the best, really.


Going back to the park as an adult feels strange. I feel like I should know the people working in the gift shops, be able to name all the rides supervisors and games kids. Instead, all the faces are new and I remember why I always recommended people wear walking shoes instead of sandals (oh, my poor feet!).

I came home today with a tan, sore feet, some great pictures and the realization that I’m not the person who thought working at an amusement park was the coolest thing ever. I’m glad I’m not that person anymore, but I’m glad I was her for a while and I think that’s the best thing I could have gotten from today’s trip.


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