Nanowrimo Digest #1

ImageThe start of my Nanowrimo challenge is under way and the first thing I’ve done is finish a project I have been procrastinating on. Love, Summer is finished and parts 4 and 5 should be available through Amazon shortly. Day 2 was spent in an office without internet where I proceeded to write 4613 words, create 4 covers and format 2 ebooks. If that’s not freaking impressive, I don’t know what is. Today is going to be spent doing similar work, especially since I started The Captain’s Captive yesterday.

Having finished Love, Summer, The Captain’s Captive is the next one on deck and I’m hoping I can keep up my momentum and get most of it finished in the next week or so. My goal for Nanowrimo is to create enough momentum that I can keep up this pace for a few more months and clear my backlog of WIP’s and get a few of the new ideas out. And oh my, do I have ideas!

Stay tuned for excerpts from The Captain’s Captive and links for Part 4 and 5 of Love, Summer.

Update: Love, Summer (part 4) is available at Amazon.

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