The Captain’s Captive preview

captains captive pt 1I’ve been talking about writing this story forever so how about a quick peak at what it’s about? Especially since it’s what I think I’m going to be spending the majority of my Nanowrimo writing time on.


Chapter 1

When Olivia woke on the airship, she wasn’t in the hold with the rest of the passengers. Their dirigible had been attacked the day before by pirates. As a passenger ship, they weren’t well prepared to defend themselves but that hadn’t mattered; the pirates had used some sort of device to render everybody unconscious before boarding. There’d been news of attacks like that in recent years. Pleasure cruises and passenger ships would be attacked and the prisoners ransomed back to their families. The prisoners were kept in a hold and, while not treated well, were largely unmolested during their stay on the airship.

When she saw the bottom of the airship in front of their dirigible, Olivia had expected to wake up with the rest of the passengers. Instead, she was in a cabin, on the very edge of the carpet, with her wrists in chains that were secured around metals bars that protruded slightly out of the wall. What had woken her was a light kicking from boots that were harder and heavier than they looked. The boots were attached to a young man, tall and slender with the face of a young god, beautiful except for the extremely displeased look on his face.

“Are you finally awake?” he sneered at her.

“Yes?” Olivia said, wondering what was going on but knowing better than to ask.

“Bout time. Everybody else is already awake. I’ve brought you breakfast but the rules are you have to wash first. Since you’re in the captain’s cabin, that means a shower, otherwise I would have just dumped the water on you and been done with it. Your legs work?”

Olivia wiggled her toes. Her legs felt heavy but she could move them. “Yes, I think so.”

“Ok, I’m gonna take you to the shower. If you fight me, you’ll end up back here, no shower and no breakfast, understand?”

“I won’t fight,” she said. “But, why am I here?”

“Cause the captain wants you here,” he said. He bent down with a device in his hand and pulled the metal bar she was chained to out of the wall. Grabbing it and the length of chain between her hands, he waited impatiently for her to stand.

She stood slowly and stumbled after him to a door in the wall. He flung it open and shoved her into the tiny cubicle. Hooking the bar through her chains, he attached it to the ceiling, forcing her up on her toes to keep her arms from straining too hard.

“Um, I don’t mean to complain but, I’m still dressed and I’m not sure how much washing I can do like this.”

“The chains don’t come off until the captain says so,” he said with an evil grin. “So I’m the one who’ll be washing you. And trust me, you ain’t going to need those clothes.” He pulled a pair of scissors out of his pocket and started cutting her clothes away, obviously taking great joy in destroying the once beautiful dress.

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