Nanowrimo Digest #2

captains captive pt 1I almost feel like I’m cheating, working on the project I’m working on. It’s been in my brain so much, I started writing notes and parts of scenes. I’m also working on another story on my cellphone so I can get stuff done while I’m at the day job. All of this has led to a massive word count that I’m not sure I’ve earned but I’ve done all of it so maybe it’s just me feeling bad about writing too fast.

Anyway, part 1 of The Captain’s Captive is finished being written and ready to be formatted and loaded as soon as I get more than a few minutes with my computer. I really love the covers I’m doing for this series. It’s forcing me to think creatively outside of what I usually do and I think the results are better.

Another announcement is that Love, Summer is finished and the entire story can be purchased from Amazon if you don’t want to buy it in pieces.

Word count to this point: 27,420

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  1. Hey there, the graphic near the top of this blog publish is launching a little strange for me? I used delivering a message but it really bounced back.

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