NaNoWriMo Digest #5

photo courtesy of Marcus Ranum www.ranum.comWe have a writing related injury here! We have a writer down! I repeat, we have a writer down!

Ok, not really, but I do feel kinda stupid for pulling a muscle in my neck while I was using my computer. I was, quite honestly, reaching for my mouse. So yeah, I feel kinda dumb.

There is a slight delay in getting The Captain’s Captive (part 2) out. Mostly I’m sick of fighting Indesign to get it to do what I want it to do (this worked last time, why won’t it work this time *rawrdinorage*) and that’s just bad for my blood pressure. I found a program called Jutoh, though, and the test run I did on it worked really well and it did everything I wanted it to do without me having to go in and change the css code. The delay is mostly because I need to wait until I get paid from the day job to buy a copy. Should happen at the end of next week.

Coincidentally, I should have part 3 written and ready to go by the end of next week, too.

All in all, not a bad week writing-wise. Oh, sure, I had a couple of days where I wrote 10 words and had to walk away but today and yesterday have been much better and I’m getting into a good stretch in the book. It’s looking like it’s almost half-way done. Provided I can avoid anymore stupid injuries, I should be all set to get a part 4 finished.

Oh, yeah, I’m planning on winning Nano this week, too.

Current word count: 39,325

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