Looking Forward and Back

As I don my Janus face and examine my writing, I thought I’d share my findings and my goals.

In 2013, I stretched myself as a writer and, as C.V. Walter, I published 15 stories and parts of novels. Since I did 1 story last year, I think that’s a good step in the right direction.

For 2014, I plan to double that, at least. The first stories on the docket are The Captain’s Captive: Part 4 and The Captain’s Captive: Part 5. They’ll be collected The Captain’s Captive and I’ll be finishing up The King’s Chamber shortly after that.

In 2013, I started a series of super heroine stories that I plan on continuing. The adventures of Amazing Girl are going to be less “super-heroine in peril” and more “super-heroine kicks ass” because, quite frankly, I hate the “in peril” crap. As part of a story, sure, it can work, but I think making the biggest threat to the main character of anything the bad guys dick cheapens the story and the character.

I also started a Steampunk novel that I think is going to be the first in a series.

In 2014, I plan on doing more with my werebears and possibly adding some wolves and cougars. I have a list of story ideas based on fairy tales and folk lore that are rich in erotic possibilities and I’m looking forward to writing all of them.

As 2013 comes to a close, I just want to thank everybody who has read and enjoyed my stories this year and I look forward to entertaining you all in the year to come.

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