500 Words: Day 1

500wordssq-150x150I’ve decided to do a 500 words a day challenge in January, just to get back into the habit of writing daily. I’ll share parts of what I’m writing every day, just to keep myself accountable, and I’ll do my best to make sure I’m sharing the good stuff.

Today’s 500 words comes from a story I started recently called Tempting the Temp. I’m still getting a feel for where it’s going to go and a mishap early that involved fat fingers and writing on my android phone had me writing them twice. Enjoy!


Seriously, you taking Mike’s route saves me from doing it. The money’s nice but my wife and I just had our first kid and I’d like to see her occasionally.”

You had a daughter?”

A son, actually, but I get to see him in the morning when I get up to take care of him and let his mom sleep for an extra hour and shower in peace. It’s not much but it seems to help her get through the day a bit better. Unfortunately, that means I get a kiss with the handoff and I’m out the door. If I don’t have to do Mike’s stuff on top of mine, I’ll actually be able to be home for dinner and bathtime.”

That’s really sweet, Robbie.”

He shrugged and gestured to a table filled with boxes, two of them with bright red labels that said “Unsorted.” “These are your boxes. There should be a marker somewhere on the table and a packing list. I’ll get you a box of sandwich bags. The packing list should have the kiosks listed and the number of erasers they all get. Use the marker to write the numbers on the plastic bags, fill them with the erasers, fold the top over and put them in an empty box. I’d keep them in order, if you can. It makes it easier when you’re loading them.”

Kris turned to the stack of boxes and eventually found the marker Robbie said would be there. He came back to find her slipping a flat silver box cutter into the back pocket of her pants.

You know, most of the women prefer the safety cutters with the tape attachment,” he said, handing her the box of sandwich bags and an empty box.

I never could get the hang of the tape attachment. Besides, the flat ones don’t make a big bulge in a place there isn’t supposed to be one.”

I certainly didn’t see it. Call me if you need help figuring out the packing list.”

He walked off while Kris studied the document mentioned. It was more straight forward than a lot of others she’d worked with and it wasn’t long before she got into the rhythm that the rest of the warehouse seemed to have fallen into. Clumsy and slow at first, she was pleased that it didn’t take long to get up to the same speed as some of the others.

When Greg walked over with a stack of papers, she’d just finished organizing the last of the sorting and was looking around for something to do.

Finished already?”

I think so. Did I miss anything important?”

Greg looked briefly through what she’d done. “Nope, looks like you’ve got it. Now, your next mission is to take the weeks worth of boxes on your table and sort and label them into days so you can just grab them out of the back of your car and go.” He paused and seemed to think of something. “How big is your car, anyway? Do you think you can handle all of this?”

Kris looked at the stack of boxes and bit her lip. “Honestly? If I’d thought to clean the back out, I probably could have. Do I have to take it all with me today?”

 “No, we can just load you up with enough to do your training today and tomorrow and get you back up here to pick up the rest of it on Wednesday.”

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