500 Words: Day 5

I’m trying really hard to not be frustrated with myself over my progress, or lack of it, today. Part of me knows I needed a day of rest but another part of me feels like I should have worked faster, done more, to get to my goals today.

Alas, the need for rest won out and I spent most of my day in my pajamas.

I still wrote 500 words, though.

From The King’s Chamber:

The apology ran through her mind as the day of the masquerade approached, alternately remorseful and dismissive. She was sorry she couldn’t be the woman he had hoped to find but certain he could find a woman who would make him happy. The fact that she wasn’t sure she would ever find a man to make her as happy she decided to leave out. This was her chance to make things right with her king and her best friend.

He’d been so happy to see her when Lord Palmer had arranged her invitations to various things around the court. She’d forgotten how much fun could be had when the three of them were together, both trying to out do each other in courtesy, and the affection between the two men was palpable. It made complete sense to her that Lord Palmer had chosen to absent himself from court rather than watch the king pursue light flirtations.

When she allowed herself to give in to fancy, Lady Christine thought about what it would be like to be the woman the king wed, how she could bring the three of them together. Her fantasies about the bedroom contained as much laughter as they did sex and the possibility of children made her eyes tear up. Were she in any position other than that of queen, she would have gone after that fantasy with everything she had. But, no, she’d seen what had happened to the king’s brother when there was even a hint that his father was anybody but the queen’s husband. Though not exiled, the prince had found it necessary to absent himself from the country lest he bring any more shame on his brother, the king.

Alas, she knew her daydreams were only that and it was better to end the king’s hopes quickly and help him find a suitable queen than to draw their little drama out any longer than necessary.

Black cloaks and masks filled the entry hall to Lord Palmer’s town home and the low buzz of polite conversation among strangers made it difficult to pick out any one set of voices. Light flirtations and excitement about the king’s intended seemed to be the order of the day.

When Lady Christine handed her invitation to the footman guarding the door, she was handed a discreet note. A quick glance at the young man’s face showed no indication of whether or not he knew what the contents were. She found a quiet corner before the ballroom filled with people and popped the seal.

If you’re going to break his heart, it’s best to do it quickly. He’s waiting for you in the green guest room.”

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