Breaking Curfew

I have had a love/hate relationship with my day job of late. The fact that I’ve quit it twice in the last year probably has something to do with that, the fact that it pays next to nothing and had almost no hours until they suddenly want you to work 60 hours in a week (but no overtime!) likely has more.

Suddenly, though, they had a really cool project for me that actually paid and had enough hours to get overtime (time and a half! squee!). Thus, I’ve spent the last 2ish months working long hours at something that stimulated me and paid my rent with money left for car repairs that happened the day before pay day.

And still, I had to write.

Breaking Curfew seemed to spring, fully formed, from my work-tired brain. That may have been the frame I needed to be in to write a gay erotica that appeals to men (as opposed to women who love yaoi) and so far it seems that I’ve actually succeeded. It’s early days yet but so far, people seem to be digging it.



Sneaking in after curfew, Freshman Mason King gets caught by the one person with the right to punish him. Pampered and spoiled his whole life, he expects to get off easy. Jack Cartwright, former bouncer, has other plans.

Available at AllRomance ebooksAmazonBarnes and Noble and Kobo.

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