The J.K. Rowling Insult

There was an article. A commentary. I’m sure a lot of people have read it. I’m not linking to it. I’ll link to some of my favorite responses who link to it but I’m not rewarding bad behavior, even if it’s just from my tiny little blog with 2 followers.

The part that really bothered me about the “article” was the author’s “permission” to go back to writing for children and enjoy her money. Where the fucking hell does she get off?

I write erotica, yes. I don’t write for kids, obviously. But when the hell did it become acceptable for people who write for adults to look down on the people who write for kids? They’re the people who build our audience for us! An adult who reads was first a child who read and enjoyed what they were reading enough to continue when the threat of failing school was no longer an issue.

This bothers me. It may even be what constitutes a trigger. I swear, for a while, I was seeing red today. Maybe because it resembles so much of what I’ve come up against as someone who writes non-literary work. My other pen name writes fantasy, I write fantastic erotica with this one. There seems to be a huge assumption from most “literary” commentators that, if it sells well commercially, it can’t possibly be good.

“Yes, yes, you’ve made your money, now go back to your little ghetto so we can get on with the serious business of brow-beating the reading world into thinking the right thoughts.”

Well, fuck that.

I write to entertain but there are, occasionally, larger themes to what I write. I’m not about to step aside, stop exploring the things that I find interesting, because somebody doesn’t think they’re “literature”.

Also, writing isn’t a zero sum game. Just because somebody made a sale doesn’t mean that they took a sale from me. All that means is that they made a sale. There are people out there doing much better than me with their writing and publishing. This doesn’t mean that they’re the reason I’m not doing as well, all it means is that they’re doing something better than I am and I have something to learn.

So, fuck off to the snobs and the literati who would build literary ghettos for the genres they don’t approve. And seriously, give the children’s writers more credit. They have to be able to make a strong point without the use of creative metaphors.


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If anybody objects to having their blog linked here, let me know and I’ll remove it. If you have your own response/favorite blog response, leave it in the comments!

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