Breaking Down

My latest book wasn’t anywhere near the top of my “to do” list. Honestly, while I was planning out my goals for the month, it was down there by a sequel to For the Halibut…which, yes, it’s getting a sequel. Unfortunately, every time I opened the next book on the list, all I could hear was Mason getting into more trouble and Jack being his asshole self, with maybe a little tenderness thrown in?

I had to write it.

Almost 6000 words over the course of 2 days got me Breaking Down and the beginning of Breaking In. *sigh* I do promise to finish Captain’s Captive as soon as the boys leave me alone enough to write it. I’m hoping, with Breaking In, there will be enough of a conclusion to let me get back to my Pirate Captain and his willing wench.



Breaking Down

Sent on a mission that’s doomed from the start, Mason finds him self caught red handed by a bunch of farmers with a grudge. Determined to make him pay for every hurt they’ve suffered at the hands of privileged college boys, Mason finds himself bloody and tied down. Will he be able to escape? Is there any hope of rescue?

Available at AllromanceAmazonBarnes and Noble and Smashwords.

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