Time for Refresh

Sometimes, you just have to settle for something because it’s the best thing you can do that day and you have to move on. It happens more than I think most people want to admit but the vague dissatisfaction is there at the back of their minds, waiting for a chance to come back and ask for redress.

The cover for Dancing With Strangers is one of those things that I’ve never been quite satisfied with but I could never come up with anything better. This weekend, while writing other stories and working on other covers, I decided to hit that one, too.

DancingCover3I think it’s much better than the older one and it fits the theme a bit better. I’m still not completely satisfied but it’s definitely better than anything else I’ve had on that book. It may be that this is the one book that I’m just never happy with. Someday, I’ll revisit it again but for now, enjoy the new look!

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