Breaking Mason: The Complete Collection

I completely forgot to update the blog! Bad writer! Bad! 20 lashes!

Breaking Mason: The Complete Collection is out! It’s up and available everywhere. With a bonus story, even! I loved writing the bonus story, by the way. So much of what happened in Breaking Curfew, Breaking Down and Breaking In was leading somewhere and I got to talk about where I saw Mason and Jack ending up. It was wonderful and really hot!


Breaking Mason – the Complete Collection contains the stories Breaking Curfew, Breaking Down and Breaking In, with the bonus story Guarding the King.

Breaking Curfew – Sneaking in after curfew, Freshman Mason King gets caught by the one person with the right to punish him. Pampered and spoiled his whole life, he expects to get off easy. Jack Wainwright, former bouncer, has other plans.

Breaking Down – Sent on a mission that’s doomed from the start, Mason finds him self caught red handed by a bunch of farmers with a grudge. Determined to make him pay for every hurt they’ve suffered at the hands of privileged college boys, Mason finds himself bloody and tied down. Will he be able to escape? Is there any hope of rescue?

Breaking In – When a video surfaces of Mason’s first night in the boathouse, he has to find a way to get rid of it or risk losing his entire future. What he finds when he goes looking for it will change his life.

Guarding the King – Mason’s graduated from college and gone into the family business. When he gets in trouble now, it makes the tabloids. Who’s going to keep the heir of a billion dollar construction company out of trouble?

The book contains MM bondage and gay sex.

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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