Horrible, Wonderful News

Occasionally, I start a story or series of stories absolutely certain of the end. Sometimes, I know the journey is the important part and it ends when it’s finished. Amanda the Governess is one of the ones that I thought I knew. Obviously, it ends at the beginning of Automatic Butler. At that point she goes on to interact sexually with her steampunk world.

Um, no. That is to say, she does go on to interact sexually with her steampunk world but that’s not the end of her story. The drama unfolding in her story with Caroline, which will carry on to her story with Charlotte isn’t going to let the three stories planned at the end of Automatic Butler be the end.

Quite frankly, the whole thing is spinning out of control and the characters have taken on lives of their own. I’m ridiculously happy about the way things are unfolding but that means that they’re going to take a little longer. Caroline’s story has already doubled in length and it’s not quite finished.

Amanda’s story is going to be wonderful and wonderfully entertaining but it’s going to take much longer to tell. Patience, then, dear readers and I will deliver a story you’ll love.

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