Lisa’s Revenge: A Futa Story

So, I’d been reading through a bunch of Futa stories recently and they were all so very cute. I loved them. Thought I might try one. I can do cute, I thought. Um…well, I tried. It’s not cute. It’s really fucking hot, though, so that should count for something. Right?


John’s been using pills to make his girlfriend horny and willing for years. Looking for something stronger, he calls his dealer. The only problem is, his girlfriend got to him first, and she’s looking for a little revenge.

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo

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Under the Blood Moon

Occasionally, my mind goes to dark places in my writing and this was one of them. Under the Blood Moon is about jaguar shifters, priestesses and gods in an Aztec-inspired setting so of course there was a little blood. I’m currently offering review copies of this story so if you’d like one, send me an email by July 25, 2014.

Under a Blood Moon Cover (1)

Captured in battle, the jaguar warrior Tlacelel is brought to the temple to be offered as a sacrifice to the goddess of sex and death. The war god, however, has other plans for his favorite warrior.

WARNING: This story contains blood, double penetration and a lesbian orgy. NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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Kiss From a Stranger

This one came to me while I was drunk in the back of a limousine. I was at a bachelorette party for my best friend and just couldn’t help but see the possibilities. It came out a little sweeter than I usually intend but it was fun to write and hopefully fun to read.

Kiss From a Stranger was also my first attempt at really trying to get early reviews. People seemed to like it!


Focused on making sure everybody has a good time at her best friends bachelorette party, Kendra nearly forgets to let her own hair down and let loose. A chance encounter on the dance floor leads to steamy kisses in the hallway and something else in the limo. Will she get her own happily ever after or will Kendra’s prince charming ride off into the sunrise?

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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Amanda the Governess: Tug of War

Try as I might, I just could not leave out this part of the story. I really wanted the Amanda the Governess series to be a trilogy but it demanded a fourth part to tell everything and so, here is part 3: Tug of War.


Caroline and Robert have both laid claim to Amanda and they’re wearing her out with their demands. Who will win this sexual battle of wills?

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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Amanda the Governess: Caroline


The last thing Amanda expected when Robert’s sister caught her having an affair with her brother was a demand to teach her how to enjoy being with a man. How on earth is she supposed to teach her something like that? Being a governess, Amanda decides to try and find a way, with surprisingly steamy results.

This story is a story about a woman’s first lesbian experience. There is heavy foreplay and f/f oral sex. 18+ only!

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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Upcoming Changes

My blog has been sadly neglected of late. Even posting when I had new books to share has fallen to the wayside.

That is going to change.

There are several new books up and available at the various retailers and I’m writing and scheduling posts for all of them. I’m also making a master list of where everything is and will be updating the back matter in everything. Yes, this is a bit daunting but I’m convinced it will be worth it.

So, watch this space. Some of this stuff is exciting!

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This Job is Killing Me

No, not the writing erotica one, the other one. My doctor is actually completely excited about the fact I write fun, smutty stories. Honestly, the chance of coming back to my lovely, naughty ladies and gentlemen is the only thing keeping me going right now.

With so much stress right now, I know I’m not taking care of myself the way I should and my doctor visit yesterday confirmed that. On the physical health end alone, my day job is not passing the would I be better off writing test. Add the mental health issues that pop up when I go for too long without writing and we get a recipe for mystery illness that’s hard to fight.

I have 2 stories on the cusp of readiness and I only need time and coffee to get them out. Again, I beg for patience while I try to make the best stories I can and find a job that is not going to destroy my health.

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Horrible, Wonderful News

Occasionally, I start a story or series of stories absolutely certain of the end. Sometimes, I know the journey is the important part and it ends when it’s finished. Amanda the Governess is one of the ones that I thought I knew. Obviously, it ends at the beginning of Automatic Butler. At that point she goes on to interact sexually with her steampunk world.

Um, no. That is to say, she does go on to interact sexually with her steampunk world but that’s not the end of her story. The drama unfolding in her story with Caroline, which will carry on to her story with Charlotte isn’t going to let the three stories planned at the end of Automatic Butler be the end.

Quite frankly, the whole thing is spinning out of control and the characters have taken on lives of their own. I’m ridiculously happy about the way things are unfolding but that means that they’re going to take a little longer. Caroline’s story has already doubled in length and it’s not quite finished.

Amanda’s story is going to be wonderful and wonderfully entertaining but it’s going to take much longer to tell. Patience, then, dear readers and I will deliver a story you’ll love.

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Amanda the Governess: Robert

When I wrote Amanda and the Automatic Butler, I had a very elaborate backstory for Amanda. The more time I spent on the Automatic Butler, the more I was convinced that I needed to write out her backstory with more than a few words at the beginning. So, I decided to start at the beginning, which was the story of her affair with Robert. The Steampunk setting is a bit more subtle in this one but should pick up with the next couple.


Hired to teach the budding genius Patience Woods, Amanda finds herself drawn to her students older half-brother. When the attraction proves to be mutual, they embark on a scorching affair.

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and NobleKobo and Smashwords.

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Keyhole Confessions: Why I Failed History

Mates by Design is coming along but I realized I needed to add another story line. On the one hand, it will give a richer feeling to the world and set a great background for Hunting Red and Chasing the Wolf, and that’s a good thing. On the other hand, it’s going to more than double the length of the book, which is also a good thing but means it’s going to take me longer to write.

What does that mean? Well, that means I’m going to be putting out some short stories as I work my way through Mates by Design and Why I Failed History is the first. Actually, I think Amanda and the Automatic Butler was the first, seeing as it’s the start of a series that’s actually the fourth story in the series…I really need to make a chart organizing all these things.

Keyhole Confessions is the third series I started this month, all with a different flavor. I plan to put out at least 3 more stories in each series which will go out over the next 2 months. Keyhole Confessions: Why I Failed History is a bit different for me. A lesbian story that has a feel much closer to the Breaking Mason series than Amazing Girl, I almost released it under a different name. I’m glad  I didn’t.



Cassandra St. Clair is confident, self-absorbed and in danger of failing History. When she goes to confront her teacher to demand a higher grade, she finds herself thwarted by a locked door. What she sees peeping through the keyhole changes her plans but it’s what happens after that changes her attitude. 

Available at AllRomance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

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